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David Gates guitar chords for Falling in love again

Guitar chords with lyrics

  • Tuning: Standard tuning
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
Falling In Love Again
David Gates

Original recording is -27cents flat

Intro Bmaj7 chord diagramBmaj7Bmaj7  Baug  G#m chord diagramG#mG#m  B chord diagramBB

Just you and I
Here on the shore
B6 chord diagramB6B6
Wind in your hair
B7 chord diagramB7B7
Just like before
       Emaj7 chord diagramEmaj7Emaj7
When I first held you tight
A7 chord diagramA7A7
Promised you love
    B chord diagramBB
And love stayed the night

E chord diagramEE----7-4--------|
B chord diagramBB--4-----7-4-2--|
G chord diagramGG---------------|
D chord diagramDD---------------|
A chord diagramAA---------------|
E chord diagramEE---------------|

B chord diagramBB
Now even more
I long for your touch
B6 chord diagramB6B6
My heart is on fire
 B7 chord diagramB7B7
`cause I want you so much
        Emaj7 chord diagramEmaj7Emaj7
And I`m falling in love
A7 chord diagramA7A7              B chord diagramBB
Falling in love again

E chord diagramEE----0-2----------|
B chord diagramBB--4-----0-2-4----|
G chord diagramGG-----------------|
D chord diagramDD-----------------|
A chord diagramAA-----------------|
E chord diagramEE-----------------|

Emaj7 chord diagramEmaj7Emaj7
If you belonged
   F# chord diagramF#F#
To somebody else
        Emaj7 chord diagramEmaj7Emaj7
I would steal you away
F#6 chord diagramF#6F#6                          G#m chord diagramG#mG#m F#m6 chord diagramF#m6F#m6
Take all your love night and day
            Emaj7 chord diagramEmaj7Emaj7    A6 chord diagramA6A6
Satisfy you forever

            B chord diagramBB              Baug         B6 chord diagramB6B6

E chord diagramEE-6s7-7-7-5---------------------7-7---7-9-7-9-11-12-11-7-|
B chord diagramBB----------------7-7---7---7s-8-----8--------------------|
G chord diagramGG-----------6-h8-----8---8-------------------------------|
D chord diagramDD--------------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA--------------------------------------------------------|
E chord diagramEE--------------------------------------------------------|

   B7 chord diagramB7B7            E chord diagramEE        A chord diagramAA             G#m7 chord diagramG#m7G#m7      C#7 chord diagramC#7C#7    B chord diagramBB

E chord diagramEE-----7------------7--------7-------------7-11-9-7-6-7-6---|
B chord diagramBB--10---10-------9--------8------------------------------9-|
G chord diagramGG----------8-6-4-----8-4------8-4---6-4-8------------------|
D chord diagramDD----------------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA----------------------------------------------------------|
E chord diagramEE----------------------------------------------------------|

B chord diagramBB
I see your face
There in the crowd
B6 chord diagramB6B6
Knowin` you`re mine
B7 chord diagramB7B7
Makes me so proud
         Emaj7 chord diagramEmaj7Emaj7
That I`m falling in love
A7 chord diagramA7A7              G#m chord diagramG#mG#m   C#7 chord diagramC#7C#7
Falling in love again
         B chord diagramBB
Oooh I`m falling with you
Em6 chord diagramEm6Em6        F#6 chord diagramF#6F#6  B chord diagramBB     Baug  Emaj7 chord diagramEmaj7Emaj7  E chord diagramEE  F#6 chord diagramF#6F#6  B chord diagramBB
Falling in love again                Ohhhh

Falling In Love Again chords

David Gates guitar chords for Falling in love again The title track from the 1979 Album Falling In Love Again which was David Gates 4th solo album

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