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Rory Gallagher guitar tabs for Off the handle

Off The Handle tab

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Off The Handle tab by Rory Gallagher

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Title: Off the Handle
Album: Top Priority (1979)

Standard Tuning


    C chord diagramCC
E chord diagramEE-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B chord diagramBB-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G chord diagramGG---------8------10-8----------8------10-------------8-----8-----8----8---|
D chord diagramDD---------8--10--10-8----------8--10--10--8----------8--10-8--10-8-10-8---|
A chord diagramAA--8-9-10----10---------8-9-10----10------8---8-9-10----10----10---10-----|
E chord diagramEE-------------------------------------------------------------------------|

                      The band kicks in!
E chord diagramEE--------------------------------------|-------8-8------8-8------8-8-|
B chord diagramBB--------------------------------------|-------8-8------8-8------8-8-|
G chord diagramGG-----8----8-10b10-8-10b10-8-10b10-8---|--10h12----10h12----10h12----|
D chord diagramDD--10-8-10-8-10b10-8-10b10-8-10b10---9-|-----------------------------|
A chord diagramAA--10---10-----------------------------|-----------------------------|
E chord diagramEE--------------------------------------|-----------------------------|

E chord diagramEE----------------------|
B chord diagramBB--11-11---------------|
G chord diagramGG--10b10--8------------| x 2 before "Well I, Fly off a handle".
D chord diagramDD-----------10--8h10---|
A chord diagramAA----------------------|
E chord diagramEE----------------------|

The song is a typical blues tune in the key of C chord diagramCC. So during the first 8 bars of the vers
can easily mess around and play all sorts of licks in the key of C chord diagramCC, before it changes
F chord diagramFF and G chord diagramGG.
Listen to the song and you'll get it :)

Chord changes:

C chord diagramCC
Well, I fly off the handle a little too quick,

Just call me a nervous man.

For the last week or two, it don't take too much,

To make me wanna raise the sand. Yeah...
F chord diagramFF
Well, it's one of those days,

When you`d rather not be,
G chord diagramGG
So low down and dirty,

Your luck's out at sea.

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