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Gabriel Elias chords and tabs

Gabriel Elias tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Gabriel Elias. Learn songs like Adeus Pra Mim, Anel De Coco, Anjo Protetor, Cravo E Canela and Parece Flor easy.

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Song title Type
Adeus Pra MimGuitar Chords
Anel De CocoGuitar Chords
Anjo Da SorteGuitar Chords
Anjo ProtetorGuitar Chords
AvisoGuitar Chords
Cravo E CanelaGuitar Chords
Fiz Esse Som Pra VocêGuitar Chords
Guarde Com VocêGuitar Chords
Parece FlorGuitar Chords
PraianaGuitar Chords
Solstício De VerãoGuitar Chords