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Guitar Tabs Explorer
G Love And Special Sauce guitar tabs for G love album

G Love Album tab by G Love And Special Sauce

G Love And Special Sauce guitar tabs for G love album

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Status: RO

"the things that i used to do" guitar tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album

[this ain't perfect, but the chords are     ]
[similar and it doesn't sound *bad* this way]

e|------------------------| [et cetera...just fool around with those chords
B|-----3---4p3--0------3--| [and you should be cool...do the occaisional
G|-----3h4---3--0----0----| [little slide/fill and some funky bends and
D|--0--3-----3--0--0------| [all good.

"the things that i used to do" bass tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album.

fig. 1

repeat fig. 1 vamp throughout the song.

"blues music" guitar tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album.

e|-----------------------| [ In this section, the note(s) in the          ]
B|------------------8----| [ parenthesis () are alternated randomly,      ]
G|------(4)(5)-----7-----| [ with G. Love sometimes playing the A chord diagramBB and     ]
D|----5-----------6------| [ sometimes playing the C, to my ear it sounds ]
A|--6------------7-------| [ better with the A chord diagramC majorC when playing alone, but    ]
E|-----------------------| [ the A chord diagramBB sounds better when playing with the CD.]
notes:   A chord diagramBB  A chord diagramC majorC              [ Emphasize the high notes in the A chord diagramE7#9E7#9 chord.  ]

e|-------------------|    [ This is mainly just him sliding the chords   ]

B|-------------------|    [ around. Listen to the CD to catch the rhythm ]
G|--5/7-7--7---------|    [ and use a clean sound and play it clean, not ]
D|--4/6-6--6--4-6-7--|    [ sloppy, although sloppy can be good for most ]
A|--5/7-7--7--4-5-6--|    [ of the other stuff that he plays.            ]

"blues music" bass tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album

G|-5-5---------|--7/9~--|[The first slide here: slow and raise your finger
D|----5/x2-----|--------|[off the string as you slide, so that by the time
A|---------2---|--------|[you get to around the 2nd fret, it's a buzzed
E|-------------|--------|[note. The second slide: use vibrato--tastefully.

G|-------------------| [Here the slide is slow, but the notes ring out, so
D|-------------------| [don't be sloppy with it, but dont play it straight
A|--5/7-7--7---------| [either, swing it slightly--and smoothly. Sometimes
E|------------5-6-7--| [he doesn't play the A chord diagramA#A# (6th fret/E string) and he
                       [holds the A chord diagramA majorA instead.

"this ain't living" guitar tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album.

 main verse and intro variation of intro

"this ain't living" bass tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album

vamp throughout most of the song
G|-----3-(0)-|-----1-----| [ it's pretty cut and dry here, just play the ]
D|--------0--|-----------| [ rhythm and stay in pocket. Alternate the () ]
A|--3--------|--1-----3--| [ notes every once in a while.                ]

"garbage man" guitar tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album

   intro              verse           verse fill   bridge         outro

[intro: slide into the open A chord diagramD MajorD from around the 10th fret on the A chord diagramD MajorD string.

[verse: sloppy is good here--remember this is about a lazy little love
[       and play it with your eyes closed, and hit strings that aren't
[ fill: pick the 5th fret and bend it up a full step, release it, and then
 pull-off to the 3rd and play the A chord diagramD MajorD (5th/A) staccatto                 ]

[bridge:this part is near the end, and i dont know what else to call it,
[      'cept a bridge...it's a free strum, changing the chords every so
[       ...also, in the last verse, these become sort of fills, strummed
[       freely in between the little verse lick.

[outro: drone the open A chord diagramD MajorD when you bend that E, and do the same type of bend
[       as before, then play the 10th fret doublestops and the first chord
[       the bridge section.

"garbage man" bass tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album

G|-------------7--|-------7--7~7--| [this is the skin and bones for it,
D|----------------|---------------| [just add vibrato to that high D, and
A|--5-5---5-5-----|--5-5----------| [stay in the groove--change it around
E|----------------|---------------| [and add some of your own notes and
                                    [as long as you stay within the chord
                                    [ (A chord diagramD7#9D7#9) and in the groove.
                                    [ D7#9= A chord diagramD MajorD A chord diagramF#F# A chord diagramA majorA A chord diagramE MajorE A chord diagramFF

"eyes have miles" guitar tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album

  intro                  verse             solo                  outro
   A chord diagramBb7Bb7 A chord diagramBb9Bb9 A chord diagramBb7Bb7 A chord diagramBb6Bb6 A chord diagramBb7Bb7   (freestrum) A chord diagramAb6Ab6

[intro: pretty simple, just pulloff and hammeron, emphasis on the high

[verse: freestrum, nothing organised and very sloppy; the A chord diagramAb6Ab6 chord is
[       in near the end of one of the verses, you can hear it clearly.

[solo:  this is partial (duh) but it covers the most important part(s), and
[       just freestrum the last triad into the next verse.

[outro: play the first 2 chords and hold the last chord.

"cold beverage" guitar tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album

   intro and verse     bridge   lick 1          lick 2

[intro : play it fast and appregiate the chord,                  ]
[ and  : slide the 6th fret double stop to *approximately*       ]
[verses: the 11th fret.                                          ]

[bridge: strum this chord, adding the low A chord diagramA majorA every once in a while]
[        "stick it in the fridge/go girl/work the cold one..."   ]
[lick 1: you can hear him play this between some sections.       ]
[lick 2: "yo, when i'm fishin'..."                               ]

print this out in a monospatial font at 'bout 8 point (10 max) and it'll
come out okeh, it was done on a 80x24 screen and it fit.

email questions/comments/requests to

transcribed by david piniella.
"Intelligence is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not truth,
truth is not beauty, beauty is not love, love is not music. Music is best."
[Frank Zappa]
"I keep talking just for talking." [G. Love]
"...and--those who had a knack for it--lived happily ever after."
[Baron Von Munchausen]
I am me, these opinions not to be bought, sold, traded/exchanged or collected.

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