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Fourtwnty chords and tabs

Fourtwnty tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Fourtwnty. Learn songs like Argumentasi Dimensi, Fana Merah Jambu, Kita Pasti Tua, Puisi Alam and Zona Nyaman (Ver2) easy.

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Song title Type
Aku Bukan BinatangGuitar Chords
Aku TenangGuitar Chords
Argumentasi DimensiGuitar Chords
Diam Diam KubawaGuitar Chords
Diam-diam Ku Bawa SatuGuitar Chords
Diskusi SenjaGuitar Chords
Fana Merah JambuGuitar Chords
Fana Merah Jambu (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Hitam PutihGuitar Chords
Iritasi RinganGuitar Chords
Kita Pasti TuaGuitar Chords
Kursi GoyangGuitar Chords
KusutGuitar Chords
Menghitung Hari 2Guitar Chords
NematomorphaGuitar Chords
Nyanyian SurauGuitar Chords
Puisi AlamGuitar Chords
RealitaGuitar Chords
Segelas BerduaGuitar Chords
Tak Selalu IndahGuitar Chords
Titik JenuhGuitar Chords
Zona NyamanGuitar Chords
Zona Nyaman (Ver2)Guitar Chords