Seeking chords for lesser known songs

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Seeking chords for lesser known songs

Post by Tunedrifter » 20 Jun 2017

I can't find the chords for a Quicksilver Messenger song on their What About Me album
--All In My Mind -- it has a samba-esque feel. Of course written by Jesse Oris Farrow (Dino Valenti)
--probably sung by him as well.

My closest and most beloved friend/brother died of brain cancer just 10 days ago.
He loved this song and played his version in a most touching manner. Made it his own signature tune.
I accompanied with harmonica using an A harp.
So I imagine it's in the key of E -- simple progression -- nice melodic extended jam within the verses.

I'll want to play it with a guitarist for a tribute celebration with his family, friends and his 13 yr old daughter in a couple of months.

Please assist me -- any of y'all chordsmiths

much obliged if you can,

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Re: Seeking chords for lesser known songs

Post by Darren » 14 Jan 2018

I wanted to help even though I don't know the song or band. I could not find anything. If it is on YouTube you could try Chordify. It get the chords and such off of playing YouTube videos. I hope it helps. God bless.

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