Does good guitar players mean good music?

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Does good guitar players mean good music?

Post by semslem » 04 Sep 2017

I think that there are way too many good or very good guitarists out there who does not play good music... Do you agree? Sometimes they just try to impress on the guitar skills and the music suffers...

Van halen is an example on a guitarist who is very good and does good music, but can you name some who is excellent on guitar, but is way out when it comes to the music..

Or maybe it is OK that the music is not so important at times?

Not sure, please help me.
All the best

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Re: Does good guitar players mean good music?

Post by Flyinglibra51 » 08 Sep 2017

I feel the music is always the most important part followed by lyrics. I'm a child of the 50's and 60's. Music for me today is becoming almost anti-music. No sound fundamentals or reasonable chord progressions. It's almost like they have decided to throw music theory out the window. New song writers lean heavily on the wall of sound and at least 10 repeats of a word or short verse. It's empty, hollow and you can't even dance to it. In his day Jimmy Hendrix was accused of just making noise but there was order an discipline in his music creations. His treatment of covers from the likes of Bob Dylan such as Along The Watch Towers is classic, which took the song to heights not seen by Dylan. I guess as bold as it got without crossing the line for me was AC/DC but then you could only decipher 50% or less of the lyrics because the lead singer just screamed instead of singing. Their fans didn't care about lyrics anyway just the beat. But that too is being lost now with the cutesy little teen Disney singers. They are 21 or older an look 13. We just lost one of the great guitar players / singers in Glen Travis Campbell. It will be a long while before anyone fills his boots. Another biggy was David Gates. A music producer before he ever had a hit record. Here's a guy whose Dad was his High School Band instructor. David's first High School band included Leon Russell ! Can you even imagine that for a second? With the fading of the likes of Prince and eventually Crosby, Stills , Nash and Young along with Eagles and the likes, I don't see any great guitar singers any more. Of course there are a few scattered about I can't mention because of space and your attention. Al Stewart comes to mind with Peter Frampton. The last group that probably cared deeply for the music and guitar was Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham. There will never be another Woodstock. Sadly I can't help but feel like a dinosaur filled with the gloom of my own doom as this rock we're riding is about to just spin off into the sun. I guess my answer to this posted question is no, Good or even great guitar players does not equal good music. Want proof, surf you tube. There are guys who can shred, caress, and woo unbelievable sounds from a guitar but can't play a descent coherent tune.

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