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The Luckiest by Ben Folds

Chords with lyrics

D, G,  D, A, bm, f#m, G, Amaj6, A;

D, A, D, G, D/F#, bm, {C Chord diagramDsus4Dsus4 C}
A, A, D, G, D/F#, bm, f#m, Chord diagramA augmentedA

bm, G, bm, E, A, f#m, Chord diagramG+G Chord diagramGsus2Gsus2 G, f#m, Chord diagramA augmentedA

that i am...
D, A, bm, f#m, G, Chord diagramD/F#D/F# no 5th , Chord diagramA/EA/E
[D, A, D, G, Chord diagramD MajorD Chord diagramA augmentedA]

i love..
em7, bm, D, G, Amaj6, Chord diagramA augmentedA
i, don't get, many things right the first time in fact, i am told, that
a lot
know i know all the wrong turns the stumbles and falls brought me here

and where was i before the day, that i first saw your lovely face, now
i see it, everyday
and i know, that i am, i am, i am, the luckiest

what if i, been born, fifty years before you in a house, on a street,
where you lived
maybe i'd be outside as you passed on your bike, would i know

and in a white see your vyes, i see one pair that i, recognize,
and i know, that i am, i am, i am, the luckiest

[D, Chord diagramA augmentedA]
i love you more than i have, ever found a way to say, to you

next door, there's an old man, who lived to his nineties then one day,
passed away, in his sleep
and his wife, she stayed for a couple of days and passed away

i'm sorry i know that's so, strange to tell you that i know, we belong
that i know, that i am, i am, i am, the luckiest

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