Family Of Me by Ben Folds

Family Of Me chords by Ben Folds

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C#m E (x3)

A  C#m   F#m E
 How great I am
A   C#m   F#m
Gotta tell myself, yeah
I'm the man
A   C#m  F#m   E
Looks grim right now
A    C#m     F#m     E
but pretty soon we'll be laughing about it

E       D
Ooh, and it's alright
C#m            A
Yeah it is, I swear you'll see
(it's not really)
E      D
Yeah it's alright
     Bm            A
Cuz I've always got my family of me

A   C#m   F#m
 It's not a first
(might be the last)
A    C#m
Yeah I'm sure
    F#m        E
I must have been through worse, but

E     D
Ooh, it's alright
C#m         A
Got a paddle and a creek
E     D
Yeah, it's alright
      Bm         C#m   E
Because I've always got my family  of me


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