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Foals tabs for Tron

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Album: Antidotes (2007)

Tabbed by:  Oscar Peña
E-mail   :  ingcivil.oscarph@hotmail.com
** You can hear this tab Fruity Loops mp3 here: https://soundcloud.com/ozkar-ph/tron-foals-cover-in-fl-studio
to check that it s accurate.
You can hear Yannis on the right speaker and Jimmy on the left speaker. **

Tuning: All Foals songs are in Drop D.
Tempo: 150 BPM
Time Signature: This song is a little tricky, for some parts it s 3/4 & others it s 4/4. I ll indicate the
time signature for each part of the song.

I tabbed the two guitars, the bass part and, also, the parts of Edwin in two synth parts. There are a lots of
variations and the timing is tricky. With all the instruments in the same tab is easier to get the timing. Also,
at the bottom of each bar I added the number of the beats for a better understanding of timing.
Really, is the most detailed tab of this song in

ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Tron' by Foals, an indie band formed in 2005 from Oxford, England. Foals is known for their passionate rock/pop music.

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