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Fifth Harmony chords for Like mariah ukulele

Guitar chords with lyrics

C   G
Love it when you call me baby

     Dm        F
When you lighting up my phone

              C    G
Makes me want you like I'm crazy

       Dm          F
I'm running home I'm running home

          C      G
Just to hear your heartbeat

  Dm         F
So sweet like honeycomb

         C     G
I gotta have you near me

Cause you're the best I've ever known

You make me get up get up

Like this is my song

     Dm         F
I'm a up get up get up yah yah

You got me humming humming

To the beat of the drum

    Dm        F
To the rhythm rhythm yeah yeah

   C         G
Your loving takes me higher

   Dm         F
You set my heart on fire

 C          G
When you touch my body

    Dm       F
Got me singing like Mariah

 C        G
There is no denying

   Dm        F
Your kisses keep me flying

 C          G
When you touch my body

Got me singing

Like Mariah

C G Dm F


 Dm       F     C
Singing like Mariah

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