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Fear Factory chords for Timelessness

Guitar chords



	I've ..
	La	   Si Do
	Closing ..
	Do	Si    La
	Chilling ..
	La	  Si Do
	Surrounding ...
	Do RĂ©	    La
	I've ..
	And ..
               Mi	   RĂ©	 DoLa
	Bled ..
	Mi   Sol-Do
	Cut ..
	Mi  Sol	Fa/Mi/Fa
	Dark ..
	Mi	   RĂ© Do  La
	Dark ..
	Mi	   RĂ© Fa  La
	Dark ..
	La    Si	  Do
	Dark ..
	La		  RĂ©  Do/Si/Do

For the anglo saxons, the tunes equivalences
are  the following :
A chord diagramA augmentedA	A chord diagramBB	A chord diagramC majorC	A chord diagramD MajorD	A chord diagramE MajorE	A chord diagramFF	A chord diagramG+G
La	Si	Do	RĂ©	Mi	Fa	Sol

Transcription by Drache. 1999

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Timelessness' by Fear Factory, an industrial metal band formed in 1989 from Los Angeles, California, USA. Fear Factory is known for their intense metal music.

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