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Edgecrusher by Fear Factory


from: Matt Knight ([email protected])
date: 8/5/99
subject: guitar tab for EDGECRUSHER by FEAR FACTORY

album: Obsolete

tuning for 6 string: (this is actually played on 7 string)

tune low Chord diagramE MajorE string down a fifth to: Chord diagramA augmentedA
tune Chord diagramA augmentedA string down a fifth to: Chord diagramD MajorD
tune Chord diagramD MajorD string down a fifth to: Chord diagramG+G
tune Chord diagramG+G string down a whole step to: Chord diagramFF
tune Chord diagramBB string down a whole step to: Chord diagramA augmentedA
tune high Chord diagramE MajorE string down a whole step to: Chord diagramD MajorD

Riff#1(intro/main verse riff)
Chord diagramD MajorD|--------------------------------------------------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|--------------------------------------------------
Chord diagramFF|--------------------------------------------------
Chord diagramG+G|-3--2-------3--2-------3--2-------3--4--3--2------
Chord diagramD MajorD|-3--2-------3--2-------3--2-------3--4--3--2------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|-1--0--0-0--1--0--0-0--1--0--0-0--1--2--1--0------
    pm....   .....   .....
                        last time only
Chord diagramD MajorD|---------------------------------------------|---------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|---------------------------------------------|---------
Chord diagramFF|---------------------------------------------|---------
Chord diagramG+G|-3--2-------3--2-------3--2-------3--4--3--4-|--2------
Chord diagramD MajorD|-3--2-------3--2-------3--2-------3--4--3--4-|--2------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|-1--0--0-0--1--0--0-0--1--0--0-0--1--2--1--2-|--0------
    pm....   .....   .....

Riff#2(pre-chorus) "Inflict strain".....
Chord diagramD MajorD|-------------------------------------------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|-------------------------------------------
Chord diagramFF|-------------------------------------------
Chord diagramG+G|-2--2--8--8--8--6--6--7--7--4--3-----------
Chord diagramD MajorD|-2--2--8--8--8--6--6--5--5--4--3-----------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|-0--0--6--6--6--4--4--------2--1-----------

Riff#3(I guess this would be called the interlude)
Chord diagramD MajorD|----------------------------------------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|----------------------------------------
Chord diagramFF|----------------------------------------
Chord diagramG+G|----------------------------------------
Chord diagramD MajorD|-2--2-2-2--2--2-2-2--2-2--2-2-2---------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|-0--0-0-0--0--0-0-0--0-0--0-0-0---------

Riff#4(second part of interlude)
Chord diagramD MajorD|--------------------------------------------------------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|--------------------------------------------------------
Chord diagramFF|--------------------------------------------------------
Chord diagramG+G|--------------------------------------------------------
Chord diagramD MajorD|----------------------------------------------2--3--2---
Chord diagramA augmentedA|-5-4-5-4-5-4-5-4-5-4-5-4-5-4-5-4-5-4-5-4-5-4--0--1--0---

Riff#5(third part)
Chord diagramD MajorD|---------------------------------------------------------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|---------------------------------------------------------
Chord diagramFF|---------------------------------------------------------
Chord diagramG+G|-5-------------------4-----------------------------------
Chord diagramD MajorD|-3--6--7--2--3--2----2--6--7--2--3--2--------------------
Chord diagramA augmentedA|----4--5--0--1--0-------4--5--0--1--0--------------------
song plan:

verse#1 x2
bass verse
verse#2 x4
verse#1 x2
bass verse
verse#2 x4
verse#1 x2
verse#3 x2
verse#4 x2
verse#5 x4
verse#2 x4
verse#1 x4(this time he plays it a little different. listen to the cd)

  well thats it!!! this song is pretty easy, it'll feel kinda weird at
first because your strings are so loose, but youll get used to it.

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