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Paloma Faith chords and tabs

Paloma Faith tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Paloma Faith. Learn songs like Changing, Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful Album, Just Be, Stone Cold Sober (Ver2) and Till Im Done easy.

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Song title Type
30 Minute Love AffairGuitar Chords
Beauty RemainsGuitar Chords
Better Than ThisGuitar Chords
Better Than This (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Black And BlueGuitar Chords
Black And Blue (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Broken DollGuitar Chords
Can't Rely On YouGuitar Chords
Can't Rely On You IntroGuitar Tabs
ChangingGuitar Chords
Crazy LoveGuitar Chords
CrybabyGuitar Chords
Do You Want The Truth Or Something BeautifulGuitar Chords
Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful AlbumGuitar Chords
FreedomGuitar Chords
GoldGuitar Chords
GuiltyGuitar Chords
Guilty (Ver2)Guitar Chords
I Just WaitGuitar Chords
Just BeGuitar Chords
Kings And QueensGuitar Chords
Kings And Queens (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Leave While I'm Not LookingGuitar Chords
Let Your Love Walk InGuitar Chords
Let Your Love Walk In (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Love Only Leaves You LonelyGuitar Chords
LoyalGuitar Chords
My Legs Are WeakGuitar Chords
Never Tear Us ApartGuitar Chords
New YorkGuitar Chords
New York AcousticGuitar Chords
Only Love Can Hurt Like ThisGuitar Chords
Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Other WomanGuitar Chords
Other WomanGuitar Tabs
Picking Up The PiecesGuitar Chords
Picking Up The PiecesGuitar Tabs
Ready For The Good LifeGuitar Chords
Romance Is DeadGuitar Chords
Sexy MinxGuitar Chords
Smoke And MirrorsGuitar Chords
StargazerGuitar Chords
Stone Cold SoberGuitar Chords
Stone Cold SoberGuitar Tabs
Stone Cold Sober (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Taste My Own TearsGuitar Chords
The ArchitectGuitar Chords
Till I'm DoneBass Tabs
Till I'm DoneGuitar Chords
Trouble With My BabyGuitar Chords
Your ExGuitar Chords