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The Plainsman
Fairport Convention
From 'Rosie' 1973

Another melancholic Trevor Lucas song

Capo II

Intro: C, F, G, F, C
  C             F
I come from the moor and the mountain
     G  F     C
From the waterfall and streams
             F     C
I turned me back on the mountain track
I'm walking in a dream
   C     F  C
And every new horizon
To me it seems the same
   C        F
And everywhere look old and bad
    G     F    C
While travelling on the plain

C, F, G, F, C

Thus no one rides this road with me
A plainsman rides alone
No welcome waits by a city gate
No voice to call me home
Alone I came into this place
And that is how I will go
And all I learn is the season's turn
It's all I need to know

Oh, the world is hung with silver tongues
With good advice to give
If you can't show me how to die
Don't tell me how to live
The plainsman's song, though it's seldom long
It's more than meets the ear
And all I believe is the falling leaves

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