Claudy Banks by Fairport Convention

Claudy Banks chords by Fairport Convention

Guitar chords with lyrics

Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

Difficulty: Novice

F  Bb  C F
C Gm C Bb F  Bb F

                 Bb       Gm7
Twas on one summer's evening, all in the month of May
   F           C    Gm   C
Down by a flowery garden, I carelessly did stray
 Bb     F
I overheard a young maid, in sorrow to complain
      Gm7   F   Bb    F      C   F
All for her handsome sailor boy, who ploughed the raging Main

                Bb         Gm7
I boldly stepped up to her and put her in such surprise
   F             C     Gm  C
I'll vow she did not know me, I being all in disguise
    Bb       F
Says, "I'm a charming creature, my joy and heart's delight
       Gm7  F Bb    F     C   F
How far have you to travel this queer and stormy night?"

                      Bb         Gm7
"My way, kind sir, to the Claudy Banks, if you will please to show
   F              C    Gm   C
Pity a poor girl distracted, for there I have to go
 Bb        F
I am in search of a young man and Johnny is his name
     Gm7   F  Bb   F    C   F
Along the banks of Claudy, I'm told he does remain"

                       Bb         Gm7
"'Tis six long months and better, since your true love left the shore
  F               C    Gm   C
In passing the wide ocean, where French's cannons roar
  Bb        F
In crossing the wide ocean, with honour and for gain
       Gm7   F  Bb    F   C    F
I'm told his ship was wrecked, all on the coast of Spain"

G  C  D G
D Am D C G  C G

                      C      Am7
Now, on hearing of this dreadful news, she fell into despair
    G              D    Am   D
With a wringing of her hands and a tearing of her hair
   C          G         C    G
"Oh, since he's gone and left me, no other man I'll take
      Am7   G  C    G   D    G
Oh, on the banks of Claudy, I'll wander for his sake"

                        C        Am7
Now, my heart was filled with joy that night, I could no longer stand
 G              D   Am    D
I fell into her arms, crying, "Betsy, I'm that man
 C        G            C      G
I am your faithful young man, whom once you thought was slain
           Am7  G   C      G   D   G
But now, since we've met on Claudy Banks, we'll never part again"

C  F  G C
G Dm G F C  F C
Dm C F G C G
C  F  G C
G Dm G F C  F C
Dm C F G C G

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