Breakfast In Mayfair by Fairport Convention

Breakfast In Mayfair chords by Fairport Convention

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Breakfast in Mayfair by Fairport Convention

From the "Babbacombe" Lee 1971 album.

Intro: E F#m E F#m

E        F#m        A        E
The world has surely lost its head, the news is full of crimes
               F#m        A       F#m
There's robberies in The Telegraph and there's murders in The Times
  A       B      D      A
And always more obituaries and even one of these
  E        F#m       A       E   F#m E F#m
Concerns the brutal slaughter of one old Miss Emma Keyes

E           F#m          A       E
The police have got their man, they're sure, he never left the scene
          F#m      A      F#m
Indeed, he raised a hue and cry, a most unusual thing
  A      B       D         A
An arsonist, a murderer, his soul will soon be frying
   E       F#m        A         E  F#m E F#m
He's young but old enough to kill and not too young for dying

E       F#m        A        E
Now it seems the populace will queue to see him stand in court
           F#m        A       F#m
To hear him speak his wicked lies while smiling at his thoughts
   A       B     D     A
This arrogant young ruffian is obviously guilty
    E        F#m     A       E      F#m E F#m
Though nowhere does it say exactly how or why he killed her

Instrumental (verse chords)

E         F#m          A      E
Forget it dear, it's not the first, there's bound to be another
         F#m        A          F#m
The way you carry on you'll have us thinking she's your mother
   A         B        D        A
This man called Lee has had his day and soon he'll be forgotten
  E       F#m       A          E  F#m E F#m E
So put that paper down before your breakfast goes quite rotten

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