Banks Of The Sweet Primroses by Fairport Convention

Banks Of The Sweet Primroses chords by Fairport Convention

Guitar chords with lyrics

G  C D x4


           C      D
As I walked out on a midsummer's morning

        G       C    D
For to view the fields and to take the air

      G      C     D
Down by the banks of the sweet primroses

     G      C  D  G
There I beheld a most love lie fair


           C     D
Three short steps, I stepped up to her

      G     C     D
Not knowing her as she passed me by

       G      C     D
I stepped up to her, thinking for to view her

        G      C D   G
She appeared to be like some virtuous bride


             C    D
I says, "Fair maid, where are you going

         G     C    D
And what's the occasion of all your grief?

          G    C  D
I will make you as happy as any lady

      G        C   D G
If you will grant to me one small relief"

G  C D x4


                C    D
"Stand off, stand off, you're a false deceiver

     G        C   D
You are a false deceitful man, I know

         G       C    D
'Tis you that has caused my poor heart to wander

      G    C  D  G
And in your comfort lies no refrain"


             C    D
"So I'll go down to some lonesome valley

        G      C    D
Where no man on earth shall there me find

            G       C      D
Where the pretty little small birds do change their voices

     G      C  D   G
And every moment blows blusterous wind"


             C  D
So come all young men who go a-sailing

      G     C   D
Pray pay attention to what I say

          G     C   D
For there's many a dark and a cloudy morning

       G  C D   G
Turns out to be a sunshiny day

G  C D G

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