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Faber Drive chords and tabs

Faber Drive tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Faber Drive. Learn songs like By Your Side, G-get Up and Dance, Summer Fades To Fall, Tounge Tied and You and I Tonight easy.

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Song title Type
By Your SideGuitar Chords
By Your SideGuitar Intro
Candy StoreGuitar Chords
ForeverGuitar Chords
G-get Up And DanceGuitar Chords
Give Him UpGuitar Tabs
G_get Up And DanceGuitar Tabs
I'll Be ThereGuitar Chords
I'll Be ThereGuitar Tabs
Killing MeGuitar Chords
Lucky OnesGuitar Chords
Second ChanceGuitar Tabs
Sleepless NightsGuitar Chords
Summer Fades To FallGuitar Chords
The PayoffGuitar Chords
Tongue TideGuitar Chords
Tongue TiedGuitar Chords
Too Little Too LateGuitar Chords
Tounge TiedGuitar Chords
When I'm With YouGuitar Chords
When I'm With You (Ver2)Guitar Chords
When I'm With You IntroGuitar Tabs
You And I TonightGuitar Chords