The Whole Point by Erik Vice

The Whole Point tab by Erik Vice

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Here's the tab to "The Whole Point" as requested by Edo.
This song actually happens to be capoed on the 3rd, hope that's not a bummer
for anyone who is capo-less

x3200X C7
32003x Gvar
xx0232 D
x02220 A
x3201x C
x0221x Am
x2120x Bm7
022xxx E
032xxx G

                  First ending  Second Ending

E        G
Well I've got... this friend
D             G
who doesn't think life is better than death
E       G
Haven't you... wondered
D        G
whats the whole point of Earth?

E    G    C      G
Don't.. cry..... me a river tonight
E    G      C      G    Am     Bm7
Raid the streets, its your foolish life, that's all.. thats all

(This is played exactly like the intro)
C7        Gvar   D      A
Because some only dream in what they believe, oh why me?

E         G
Im on a porch of a house,
D           G
I've just about jumped off by now
E        G
At the edge of a cliff,
D         G
I don't want to be different

E  G    C           G
Call me...  whatever the fuck you want
E    G     C        G   Am     Bm7
I don't care just shove it up your gun, that's all

Sorry I dont have the solo tabbed out i always improvise my solos so it
would take me a while to listen to it and tab it out. Maybe at a later time though.

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