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周兴哲 (Eric Chou) chords and tabs

周兴哲 (Eric Chou) tabs and guitar chords

Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by 周兴哲 (Eric Chou). Learn songs like Ni Hao Bu Hao, Zen Me Le, B59bc98b6cba8ab8df8300a01e06cf6a and Dbe048e796356ccc25b91d56d0196ba4 easy.

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Song title Type Rating
Ni hao bu haoGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Something about laGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Zen me leGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
其实你并没那么孤单 you are not aloneGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
我很快乐 i'm happyGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
我很快乐 i'm happy (Ver2)Guitar ChordsGuitar Chords