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Enigma chords for Return to innocence

Guitar chords with lyrics

Title  : Return To Innocence
Artist : Enigma
Album : The Cross of changes
Tabbed By: Rav aka AikHow
Email  : redalert159@hotmail.com

* Oasis - Half the world away (tab)
* Cranberries - Joe (tab)
* They Might be Giants - Boss of me (crd)

Anyway my girl is out on a holiday and as a faithful boyfriend I was
thinking of her while I am taking my shower. Then this song came ringing
into my ears. When I came out of the bathroom, I searched for the chord
progression here but found none.
And its amazing, this song has been around since 1993 and till now (2001)
nobody has tabbed it. So I decided to tab it out myself. Playing around I
got the progression out in 10 mins. So I won't say it sounds PREFECT, but
its pretty ok when I played it with the song, so enjoy! I would dedicate
this tab to the girl whom I miss so much - ss.

- Tune half-step down -

*Vocal Intro*
O yai yai o ai yai yai X2

*Strum A chord diagramBB when drum beat kicks in*
(Then I play it like this B, F#, Gm#7, A chord diagramF#F#)
(Don't sound very correct, but you can pass it off with those chords)

A chord diagramBB

A chord diagramF#F#


A chord diagramF#F#


A chord diagramBB			A chord diagramF#F#
Don't be .......... be weak

A chord diagramE MajorE			  A chord diagramF#F#
Don't be ............... strong

A chord diagramBB		     A chord diagramF#F#
Just .............. h....
	   A chord diagramE MajorE			A chord diagramF#F#
That would be the ........... you....

(And you contiune with this chord progression from here on)
(Yes solo and everything!)

End with A chord diagramBB chord.

PS: I play a lot without the accompany of the actual song, so I feel that
this chord progression is pretty ok. But if anyone could correct it and play
it according to the song, do tell me the progression. Thanks!

                   Those who can't do, teach.

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