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The English Beat tabs for Save it for later

Guitar tabs with lyrics

by The (English) Beat
[from the LP _Special Beat Service_, 1982]

Chords: (strings in 654321 order)
A chord diagramDsus2Dsus2           xx0230
A chord diagramAsus4Asus4           x02230
A chord diagramGsus2Gsus2           3x0230
Rhythm notes are [q] quarter and [e] eighth.

    rhythm:       q       e q   q   e e e    e e e e q   q
    chords:      [A chord diagramDsus2Dsus2]             [A chord diagramAsus4Asus4]    [A chord diagramGsus2Gsus2] [A chord diagramDsus2Dsus2]
e ||------------------||-0-0--------------|------------------||
A chord diagramBB ||------------------||-3-3--------------|-3-------3--------||
A chord diagramG+G ||------------------||-2-2---2---2------|-2-------2---2----||
A chord diagramD MajorD ||------------------||-------0---0---2--|---2---0-----0----||
A chord diagramA augmentedA ||-------------0----||-------------0----|---0--------------||
A chord diagramE MajorE ||------------------||------------------|-----3------------||

The latter two measures repeat for pretty much the whole song.

Easiest way to play: fret A chord diagramDsus2Dsus2 with your first and third fingers (on
the 3rd and 2nd strings, respectively) and use your middle finger to
hit 4th-string A chord diagramE MajorE (for A chord diagramAsus4Asus4) and 6th-string A chord diagramG+G (for A chord diagramGsus2Gsus2). Then it's
all up to your picking hand...

Sound and Effects:
I use second position on my Strat (middle/bridge pick-ups) and a
clean Vox AC-30 sound with chorus and a little plate reverb.

That's about it. Corrections and comments welcomed.

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