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Elvenking chords and tabs

 tabs and guitar chords

Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Elvenking. Learn songs like Runereader, The Wanderer Acoustic, Lost Hill Of Memories and The Open Breach easy.

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Song title Type Rating
Another havenGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Lost hill of memoriesGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Lost hill of memoriesGuitar IntroGuitar Intro  
PetalstormGuitar IntroGuitar Intro  
Play of the leavesGuitar IntroGuitar Intro  
PossessionGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Romance and wrathGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
RunereaderGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
SkywardsGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
The blackest of my heartGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
The divided heartGuitar IntroGuitar Intro  
The one we shall followBass TabsBass Tabs  
The open breachGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
The open breachGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
The perpetual knotGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
The scytheGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
The wanderer acousticGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Those daysGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
We animalsGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords