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Dreamers chords and tabs

 tabs and guitar chords

Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Dreamers. Learn songs like Sweet Disaster, The Last Love Song, Painkiller and Die Happy easy.

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Song title Type Rating
All washed outGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Black and whiteGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Die happyBass TabsBass Tabs  
Die happyGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
DrugsGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
DrugsGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Lucky dogGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Misfits t-shirtGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
PainkillerGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Shooting shadowsGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Someway somehowGuitar IntroGuitar Intro  
Sweet disasterGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
The last love songGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
The last love songGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Wolves you got meGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords