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Dramarama tabs for Emerald city

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  Emerald City -- Dramarama

The song is all downstrums, over and over, just three boring chords...

Actually, the first chord is 3 chords... but this is how it works.

D, A chord diagramD MajorD with a hammer on high A chord diagramE MajorE 3rd fret, D, A chord diagramD MajorD without finger on high E,
G7, C, A chord diagramC majorC ... then it repeats. Sorry to use thse horribly untechnical
terms... I just play the songs, I dont' know the names for everything.
(In case I'm wrong about the name, the A chord diagramG7G7 is a A chord diagramG+G with the A chord diagramBB fingered on
the 3rd fret added).

   Hope you like it. This is one of my favorite Dramarama songs.

                                   Jay ([email protected])

-- Any Dramarama nuts out there want to trade stuff, please write --
ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Emerald City' by, formed in 2000

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