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Down tabs for Underneath everything

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Underneath Everything
by Down
off NOLA
Bludgeoned w/ a stick by Matthew Writt

One more Down tab for y'all.
The riffs in this song just can't be beat. I was away for 2 weeks w/
nothing but an acoustic guitar and these
riffs still sounded great, even transposed up a 4th.
They are a great example of the ballsy, detuned blues that
Down kicks ass at.

This tab, as always, is very basic. I did it all the easy way. Email me
w/ questions, comments, etc at Writtisbest@yahoo.com
thanks for all the support of my tabbing efforts guys!


A: ---------------0----------------------                  --222-444-5/4-
E: 4-44-44-4---0h2---4-44-44-4---2p0---                    --000-222-3/2-
B: 2-22-22-2---------2-22-22-2--------(play 1st half again)-----------------

1st part of chorus:
A: --------------4~--------------------------------/4-4------------------
E: 4-44-44-4--/4-------44-44-4-----4-------4-44-4--/4----4-4--/7---7-7-\6
B: 2-22-22-2-----------22-22-2--/5---5-4---2-22-2--------2-2--/5---5-5-\4

2nd part of chorus:
D: x-7-x-7-x-7-6              xxx-9-xxx-11
A: x-5-x-5-x-5-4 (3x then-->  xxx-7-xxx-11
E: x-5-x-5-x-5-4              xxx-7-xxx-9
During the outro, the above riff is played w/ the addition of the
following chord where the * appears. It's heavily palm muted to make
a big thud in the middle of the riff.

Almost there ...

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