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Here's the best I came up with, though I think it sounds pretty close.
Let me know if you found anything better.
Where there's an * just play a quick open chord.
All the rest are major chords
Written by Donovan Leitch, Transcribed by Dan Gross (from my own noggin,
not a book)
Donovan:  Cosmic Wheels

A  G  F*F*F*F D
A  G  F*F*F*F D

D              G
God is playing ....
D               A
Planets and his stars
D               G
Creating havock ...
D            A
Influence on Mars- that's why I'm
D         C        G               (A    G )
Stumbling down the....
F * F * F * F D
Steel                  -I should be
D       C        G            (A G)
Rolling Down ....
F * F * F * F D
A G    F * F * F * F D
Cosmic Wheels
A G    F * F * F * F D
Cosmic Wheels

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