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The Donnas chords and tabs

The Donnas tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Donnas. Learn songs like Better Off Dancin, Drivin Thru My Heart, Nothin To Do, Shes Out Of Control and What Do I Have To Do easy.

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Song title Type
40 Boys In 40 NightsBass Tabs
40 Boys In 40 NightsGuitar Tabs
5 Oclock In The MorningGuitar Tabs
All Messed UpBass Tabs
All Messed UpGuitar Tabs
Are You Gonna Move It For MeBass Tabs
Are You Gonna Move It For MeGuitar Tabs
BackstageBass Tabs
Better Off DancinGuitar Tabs
BitchinBass Tabs
BitchinGuitar Tabs
Can't Keep It A SecretGuitar Tabs
Checkin It OutBass Tabs
Cheking It OutBass Tabs
Dancing With MyselfGuitar Tabs
Dirty DenimBass Tabs
Dirty DenimGuitar Tabs
Do You Wanna Go Out With MeBass Tabs
Do You Wanna Hit ItGuitar Tabs
Done With YouGuitar Tabs
Don't Break Me DownBass Tabs
Don't Break Me DownGuitar Tabs
Don't Get Me BustedGuitar Tabs
Don't Wait Up For MeGuitar Tabs
Drivin Thru My HeartGuitar Tabs
Everybodys Smokin CheebaBass Tabs
Everybodys Smoking CheebaGuitar Tabs
Fall Behind MeBass Tabs
Fall Behind MeGuitar Tabs
Friday FunBass Tabs
Friends Like MineGuitar Chords
Friends Like MineGuitar Tabs
Friends Like MineGuitar Intro
Get OffGuitar Tabs
Get Outta My RoomBass Tabs
Get Rid Of That GirlBass Tabs
Get Rid Of That GirlGuitar Tabs
Get Rid Of That Girl (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Get You AloneBass Tabs
Girl TalkGuitar Tabs
Give Me What I WantBass Tabs
Gold MedalBass Tabs
Gold MedalGuitar Tabs
Gonna Be Outta My MindGuitar Tabs
Have You No PrideGuitar Tabs
Hey I'm Gonna Be Your GirlGuitar Tabs
Hit ItGuitar Tabs
Hook It UpBass Tabs
Hot BoxinBass Tabs
Hot PantsBass Tabs
HyperactiveBass Tabs
HyperactiveGuitar Tabs
I Don't Wanna Go To SchoolGuitar Chords
I Don't Want To KnowBass Tabs
I Don't Want To KnowGuitar Chords
I Don't Want To KnowGuitar Tabs
I'm Gonna Make Him MineGuitar Chords
I'm Gonna Make Him Mine TonightGuitar Tabs
It Takes One To Know OneGuitar Tabs
Its On The RocksBass Tabs
Its On The RocksGuitar Chords
Its So HardGuitar Tabs
Kids In AmericaGuitar Chords
Lana And StevieBass Tabs
Lana And StevieGuitar Tabs
Leather On LeatherBass Tabs
Lets Go ManoBass Tabs
Lets Go ManoGuitar Tabs
Like An AnimalGuitar Tabs
Little BoyBass Tabs
Little BoyGuitar Tabs
Living After MidnightBass Tabs
Love You Till It HurtsGuitar Tabs
Midnight SnackGuitar Tabs
New Kid In SchoolGuitar Tabs
Nothin To DoBass Tabs
Nothing To DoBass Tabs
Outta My MindBass Tabs
Party ActionBass Tabs
Pass It AroundGuitar Tabs
Perfect StrangerBass Tabs
Play My GameBass Tabs
Play My GameGuitar Tabs
Please Don't TeaseGuitar Chords
RandiGuitar Tabs
RevolverBass Tabs
RevolverGuitar Tabs
Rid Of That GirlGuitar Tabs
Rock N Roll MachineBass Tabs
Rock N Roll MachineGuitar Tabs
Save MeGuitar Tabs
Searching The StreetsBass Tabs
She's Out Of ControlBass Tabs
SkintightBass Tabs
SkintightGuitar Tabs
Smoke You OutGuitar Tabs
Solamente TuBass Tabs