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Dixie Chicks chords for Home

Guitar chords with lyrics

Title track to the "home" CD by the Dixie Chicks
Song composed by Maia & Randy Sharp

Here is the intro, verse, chorus and bridge.
I worked this out by ear, just listening to the CD, I am not 100% sure I have
the bridge right for the second stanza

A chord diagramBb majorBb A chord diagramC majorC A chord diagramDmDm A chord diagramC majorC

[A chord diagramBb majorBb]I mistook ... [A chord diagramC majorC]warnings ...
[A chord diagramBb majorBb]From so called friends[A chord diagramC majorC]quick ...
[A chord diagramDmDm]Though [A chord diagramFF]your touch was telling [A chord diagramEb MajorEb]me other[A chord diagramD MajorD]...
[A chord diagramFF]Not a night....
I dont dream of [A chord diagramC majorC]wondering
Through the [A chord diagramDmDm]home .. [A chord diagramBb majorBb]might.. [A chord diagramC majorC]been
[A chord diagramFF]I listened to ...
When my heart cried[A chord diagramC majorC]out for you
now every [A chord diagramDmDm]day I [A chord diagramBb majorBb]wake a-[A chord diagramC majorC]gain
In a [A chord diagramDmDm]house that [A chord diagramBb majorBb]might have [A chord diagramC majorC]been
A chord diagramA augmentedA [A chord diagramFF]home[A chord diagramC majorC] (on second chorus play this line twice)

[A chord diagramDmDm]Four walls...... [A chord diagramBb majorBb]windows
Just a place to[A chord diagramFF] run when my [A chord diagramAm7Am7]working day is [A chord diagramDmDm]through
same chords next two lines (not 100% sure)

 noodle around [A chord diagramBb majorBb] [A chord diagramC majorC]

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Home' by Dixie Chicks, a country band formed in 1989 from Dallas, Texas, USA

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