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Dinosaur Jr. tabs for Thumb

Tabs with lyrics

thumb (J. Mascis)
        from "Green Mind", the Japan Import "Quest" and Whatevers Cool
with me

 There  never really is a good time........|
B------1--1--X--X--2--------2-----3----| Strum last chord for a few beats
G------0--0--X--X--3-----3----3---0----| Then at the end of every verse
end it
D------2--0--X--X--0----0---------0----| on a A chord diagramC majorC instead.

Steppin' out I tried to fix it.......

Pretty simple song once you get it down. The order in which you play this
song varies with each album but you should be about to pick it out and go
with it. If you need any more infomation E-mail me. And if you are
interested in The Dinosaur Jr. Online fan Club on AOL please email me for
infomation. Thanks T.
ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Thumb' by Dinosaur Jr., an alternative rock band formed in 1984 from Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

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