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Ani Difranco chords for If he tries anything

Guitar chords with lyrics

Song Title: "if he tries anything"
>From Album: Out of Range

Transcribed By: carsie
Tuning: EADFBE
Capo: none

Notes on how to play it:
after each bass note I wrote it as though you just pluck all four or five
strings. actually, the way she plays it is a little quick, jerky strum. a
signature ani thing I guess. I just sort of hit the strings… as though I
were smackin the shit outta my guitar… hehe. it's hard to explain. I think
the best way to determine that part is to listen to the album and figure it
out for yourself.
I use my first finger to hold down the top two strings on the first fret
all the way through the song, like the top part of an A chord diagramFF major chord. it's
also convenient to mute the low A chord diagramE MajorE string with your thumb the whole way
through. although if you want to avoid that it might work to tune the low A chord diagramE MajorE
string up to an A chord diagramFF as well and just play every string when you strum… I've
never tried it.



okay..... that's the main riff, that repeats all the way through the verses.
contrary to popular belief however, there is a separate part to the chorus,
which varies drastically from the verse riff.  so here that is.
these are all just strummed, as chords, but I don't know what they're
called. so I'm tabbing them anyway



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