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Ani Difranco chords for Both hands

Guitar chords with lyrics

Song Title: Both Hands
From Album: like i said, the first album, living in clip

Capo: none

Notes: it’s basically the same riff the whole way through. simple, but
*cough, cough* not nearly as simple as the previously posted version. not to
point fingers or anything. *cough*. after the "can’t get through" part where
it slows a bit, it just starts right back in to the main riff for four
measures or so before the second verse. it took me a while to get used to
singing this while playing, because the vocals are syncopated relative to
the accoustic part, but eventually I caught on. good luck.

e |------------------------------------------------------------|
b |------------------------------------------------------------|
g |---------5------5---5--5--5---------------------------------|
d |---------5------5---5--5--5--------5-----5--5--5---5--------|
a |---------3------3---3--3--3--------5-----5--5--5---5--------|
e |-----------------------------------3-----3--3--3---3--------|

       I am walking...            out in the rain....

e |------------------------------------------------------------|
b |------------------------------------------------------------|
g |----------5----5---5---5---5----------2----2---2----0--0----|
d |------------------------------------------------------------|
a |----------0----0---0---0---0----------0----0---0----0--0----|
e |----------5----5---5---5---5----------1----1---1----0--0----|

				          of the dial tone begin...

e |------------------------------------------------------------|
b |------------------------------------------------------------|
g |-------2---------5------------------------------------------|
d |-----------------5----------5-------------------------------|
a |-------0---------3----------5-------------------------------|
e |-------1--------------------3-------------------------------|

          can’t     get        through...

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Both Hands' by Ani Difranco, a female rock artist from Buffalo, USA. Ani Difranco was born in 1970.

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