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Third Rock From The Sun by Joe Diffie

Chords with lyrics

Third Rock From The Sun - Joe Diffie

Capo at first fret (chords are listed as played - key is really Chord diagramFF)

Intro: Welcome to Earth, 3rd rock from the sun

Chorus: Chord diagramE MajorE
    She walks into Smokey's one ....
    like a broken field ru...
    Chord diagramA augmentedA
    he likes the way she looks ...
    Chord diagramE MajorE
    "Don't wait up for me I'll ...
    Chord diagramBB
    wife hangs up the phone, ...
    Chord diagramE MajorE
    calls her sister up and ..

    Sister tells her boyfriend ...
Chorus: Chord diagramA augmentedA
    Cause and effect, ...
    Chord diagramE MajorE
    all of the chaos makes ...
    Chord diagramA augmentedA
    when you're spinning ...
    Chord diagramE MajorE          Chord diagramA augmentedA       Chord diagramE MajorE
    Welcome to Earth 3rd ...

    the kid guns the gas, the car ...

    waitress calls the cops, says ....

    [CHORUS x 2]

	Charted by Rick Schofield ([email protected])

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