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Desmond Dekker chords for The man

Guitar chords with lyrics

My name is Ryan Maxwell and I figured out the chords to this song without
any outside
intervention.  So, I thought I'd send it along because it sounds so smooth.

"The Man" by Desmond Dekker, 4/4 listen to catch the rhythm

A chord diagramF#F#	A chord diagramD#mD#m	A chord diagramBB	A chord diagramC#C# (Repeat this line 8? times)


A chord diagramA#mA#m	A chord diagramG# minorG#m (Repeat 3 times)

Then use this line before you slide back into the verse

A chord diagramBB	A chord diagramC#C#

Play the chords halfway down the neck, ie not in the open position.  Also,
pluck the bass note and strike each chord with a downstroke.  It's really
simple, you'll get the rhythm  right away if you just listen to the song.

Thanks be to all who post, do something kind today.

Ryan Maxwell
rmaxwell@altierisw.com <mailto:rmaxwell@altierisw.com>
AltieriSeborWieber LLC
31 Knight Street
Norwalk, CT 06851
203.866.5243 fax
800.437.4592 from 212

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