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Deftones tabs for Nosebleed

Guitar tabs

Nosebleed by Deftones
Tabbed by Shawn

Intro and main riff
e-----------------------------------------------|  (#)=harm.
d--(-9-9-9-9)--7--6--7--11--7--6--7--6--4-4-4---|  do this
a--(-9-9-9-9)--7--6--7--11--7--6--7--6--4-4-4---|  about 8x

Fill 1         Verse         Harm. during verse
e-------------|-------------|-------------------| you should
b-------------|-------------|-------------------| get the basic
g--(-5-5-5-5)-|-------------|-------------------| idea by now,
d--(-5-5-5-5)-|---5-5-5-5---|--(7)-(7)-(7)-(7)--| at the end
a--(-5-5-5-5)-|---5-5-5-5---|--(7)-(7)-(7)-(7)--| of the verse
D--(-5-5-5-5)-|---5-5-5-5---|--(7)-(7)-(7)-(7)--| just go nuts

e---------------------|  this is after the bass
b---------------------|  and stuff, before this
g---------------------|  part just tap on the strings
a--3-3-3--2-2-2-2-2-2-|  then at the end of the song
D-------------2-2-2-2-|  end on a harm.

        ok, this is my first attempt at tabbing something, i know
        there are a few gaps, but you should be able to suss it
        out.Im not gonna try to figure out the lyrics, so thats
        about it.


          Shawn (howardl@in.net)

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