Deftones chords and tabs

Deftones tabs and chords

Deftones, Grammy winner, are a alternative metal band from Sacramento, California, founded in 1988. While we give you all the Deftones tabs and chords, the latest news and music is at This Alternative metal -act are often mentioned together with musically brothers and sisters like Team Sleep, Sol Invicto and Phallucy.

Play songs like ’Prince’ and ’Diamond eyes’ in the style of Deftones.

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Heartswires (Intro)Guitar intro
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Nosebleed (Bass)Bass tabs
Nosebleed (Tabs)Guitar tabs
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One weak (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Passenger (Chords)Guitar chords
Passenger (Tabs)Guitar tabs
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Pittura infamante (Intro)Guitar intro
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Prince (Bass)Bass tabs
Prince (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Rapture (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Rocket skates (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Root (Bass)Bass tabs
Root (Tabs)Guitar tabs

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