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Deep Purple chords and tabs

Accurate guitar tabs and chords by Deep Purple
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Deep Purple. Learn songs like Hush, Sail Away, Simple Folk, Time To Kill and Under The Gun easy.

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Song title Type
7 And 7 IsGuitar Chords
A Touch AwayGuitar Chords
A Touch AwayGuitar Tabs
All I Got Is YouGuitar Chords
All I Got Is YouGuitar Tabs
All I Got Is You (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
All The Time In The WorldGuitar Chords
AnthemGuitar Chords
Anyones DaughterBass Tabs
Anyones DaughterGuitar Chords
AprilGuitar Chords
AprilGuitar Tabs
Bad AttitudeGuitar Chords
Black KnightGuitar Tabs
Black NightBass Tabs
Black NightGuitar Chords
Black NightGuitar Intro
BlindBass Tabs
BlindGuitar Chords
BloodsuckerGuitar Tabs
BludsuckerGuitar Tabs
BurnGuitar Chords
BurnGuitar Tabs
Burn (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Child In TimeGuitar Chords
Come Taste The Band AlbumGuitar Chords
Cry FreeGuitar Tabs
Demon EyeGuitar Tabs
Demonds EyeGuitar Tabs
Demons EyeGuitar Chords
Fire BallBass Tabs
FireballGuitar Chords
FireballGuitar Tabs
Flight Of The RatGuitar Chords
Flight Of The RatGuitar Tabs
FoolsGuitar Chords
FoolsGuitar Tabs
FreedomGuitar Chords
FreedomGuitar Tabs
Get Me Outta HereGuitar Chords
Gettin TighterGuitar Tabs
Gypsy KissGuitar Tabs
HallelujahGuitar Chords
Hallelujah (Ver2)Guitar Chords
High Ball ShooterGuitar Tabs
Highway StarGuitar Chords
Highway StarGuitar Tabs
Highway Star (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Highway Star (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Highway Star (Ver3)Guitar Tabs
Holy ManGuitar Chords
House Of PainGuitar Chords
HushBass Tabs
HushGuitar Chords
Into The FireGuitar Chords
I've Got Your NumberGuitar Tabs
Jack RubyGuitar Chords
Jam StewGuitar Tabs
Johnnys BandGuitar Chords
Kentucky WomanGuitar Chords
Kentucky WomanGuitar Tabs
Knocking At Your Back DoorGuitar Chords
Knocking At Your Back DoorGuitar Tabs
Lady Double DealerGuitar Chords
LalenaGuitar Chords
Lay DownGuitar Tabs
Lay Down Stay DownGuitar Chords
LazyGuitar Chords
LazyGuitar Tabs
Let The Good Times RollGuitar Chords
Living WreckGuitar Chords
Living WreckGuitar Tabs
Loosen My StringsGuitar Tabs
Love ChildGuitar Chords
Love Conquers AllGuitar Chords
Love Conquers All (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Man AliveGuitar Chords
Maybe I'm A LeoGuitar Chords
Maybe I'm A LeoGuitar Tabs
MistreatedGuitar Chords
MistreatedGuitar Tabs
Mitzi DupreeGuitar Chords
Never BeforeGuitar Chords
No One CameGuitar Chords
Nobodys HomeGuitar Tabs
Not ResponsibleGuitar Chords
Nothing At AllGuitar Chords
Oh WellGuitar Chords
One Night In VegasGuitar Chords
PainterGuitar Chords
Perfect StrangersGuitar Tabs
Pictures Of HomeGuitar Chords
Pictures Of HomeGuitar Tabs
Place In LineGuitar Chords
Rapture Of The DeepGuitar Tabs
Rat Bat BlueGuitar Chords
Roadhouse BluesGuitar Chords