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Rimmel by De Gregori Francesco

Chords with lyrics

Author: Francesco de Gregori
Song Title: RIMMEL

Gran bella canzone, ragazzi! Alle ragazze piace, quindi saperla suonare e
cantare bene!
Purtroppo la regola è che non si possono scrivere tutte le parole, ma le
sanno tutti, alla fine. Sui canzonieri gli accordi sono messi un po' a
caso, ho fatto un po' ordine!
Ciao buon divertimento

As many songs of italian famous "cantautori", this song of de Gregori
tells of love in a spiritual and passionate way, recalling the passed
happy days which now are gone and the tiny but special things that keep
together two persons. It's a very 'italian' and romantic song which
anyone who plays guitar in Italy knows and plays around a fire on the
beach in summer evenings.
Mario M. - Turin
[email protected]

Italian/International chords convrtion table
Do = Chord diagramC majorC
Re = Chord diagramD MajorD
Mi = Chord diagramE MajorE
Fa = Chord diagramFF
Sol = Chord diagramG+G
La = Chord diagramA augmentedA
Si = Chord diagramBB

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