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De Burgh Chris chords and tabs

Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by De Burgh Chris. Learn songs like All The Love I Have, Discovery, Don T Pay The Ferryman, Liberty and Where Peaceful Waters Flow easy.

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Song title Type
A CelebrationGuitar Chords
A Night On The RiverGuitar Chords
A Rainy Night In ParisGuitar Tabs
All The Love I HaveGuitar Chords
Blonde Hair Blue JeansGuitar Chords
BorderlineGuitar Chords
Broken WingsGuitar Chords
By My SideGuitar Chords
CrusaderGuitar Chords
DiscoveryGuitar Chords
Don T Pay The FerrymanBass Tabs
Don't Pay The FerrymanGuitar Chords
Don't Pay The Ferryman (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Every Drop Of RainGuitar Chords
Here For YouGuitar Chords
High On EmotionGuitar Chords
Lady In RedGuitar Chords
LibertyGuitar Chords
Light A FireGuitar Chords
Moonlight And VodkaGuitar Chords
Saint Peters GateGuitar Chords
Shine OnGuitar Chords
Snows Of New YorkGuitar Chords
Snows Of New York (Ver2)Guitar Chords
The Connemara CoastGuitar Chords
The StorymanGuitar Chords
Where Peaceful Waters FlowGuitar Chords