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Dashboard Confessional By:Kirt Navia

I am only a beginner but I think this is right.Tell Me how I did by emailing me
at kirtnavia1@hotmail.com Tune down one half step when playing

E       C#m         A         B     D     E
Breathe in for luck Breathe in so deep This air is blessed you share with me
       C#m        A           B    D
This night is wild so calm and dull These hearts they race from self control
E       C#m         A       B
Your legs are smooth as they graze mine Were doing fine Were doing nothing at

    E                       G#m7
Chorus: all My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me so wont you
Aadd2      G#m7 Aadd2  G#m7 E              Gm#7
kill me so I die happy        My heart is yours to fill or burst to
     Aadd2      G#m7  Aadd2  G#m7
break or bury or wear as jewelry whichever you prefer

E                 C#m       A         B
The words are hushed lets not get busted just lay entwined here undiscovered
D    E                 C#m          A
    Safe in here from all the stupid questions "Hey did you get some" man
      B   D   E        C#m            A
that is so dumb     Stay quiet Stay near Stay close They cant hear so
    B      D
we can get some

Chorus x1

C#m          A        E       B
Hands Down this is the best day I can ever remember always remember
C#m           A             E
the sound of the stereo the dim of the soft lights the scent of your hair
     B                C#m            A
that you twirled in your fingers and the time on the clock when we realized
           E           B       C#m
its so late and this walk that we shared  together The streets were wet and
  A          E        B         C#m
the gate was locked so I jumped it and I let you in and you stood at your
        A             E         B
door with your hands on my waist and you kissed me like you meant it and I
C#m               A         E    B
knew that you meant it that you meant it that you meant it that you meant it
   C#m      A         A
And I knew that you meant it that you meant it


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