El Scorcho by Dashboard Confessional

El Scorcho tab by Dashboard Confessional


Standard Tuning
Capo on 1st Fret

Intro / Verses

|--4-----------------|--9-----------------| 3x



Listen to the song for the timing, cause lord knows tabs suck for writing the timing.

Chorus Chords:

Open G C D formations

Bridge Chords:
 Capo 1st Fret
  G# C#  a# d#

G#->C#->a#->D# repeat

Strum Pattern:

DUxUxUxU (don't mute the open strings)

Bells solo:

Bar chords
G#maj c#min

If you don't want to use a Capo simply play this a half step down, though using a capo
let you play it exactly like Dashboard plays the song.

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