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Bobby Darin chords for Long line rider

Guitar chords

Long Line Rider
By Bobby Darin
Transcribed by Dan Nicholas

[A chord diagramA minorAm]Wettin' it down boss  ... Wet it down
Wipin' it off boss ... Wipe it off

[A chord diagramA minorAm]Doin ten to twenty hard swinging [A chord diagramD MajorD]twelve ....
Ever[A chord diagramA minorAm]day, everyday
I came in with a group of twenty there ain't [A chord diagramD MajorD]left b....
In the [A chord diagramA minorAm]clay ....
Long [A chord diagramC majorC]line [A chord diagramE MajorE]rider turn [A chord diagramA minorAm]away

Almost there ...

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