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Here Today Gone Tomorrow by Dada

Here Today Gone Tomorrow tab by Dada

Tabs with lyrics

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
by dada  From the album "Puzzle"

transcribed by Jeff Matson ([email protected])

Overall there are three main guitar parts in this song that overlap.  I've
basically included them all.  It's up to you to decide how you want to play

Riff 1

Chord diagramG+G -------------0------------------------------
Chord diagramD MajorD ------0------------0------0-----------------
Chord diagramA augmentedA ----2------3-----2------3-------------------
Chord diagramE MajorE --3------1-----3------1---------------------

This riff is played almost throughout the song.  It's fun to improvise with
it a little, like the guys do in the actual song.
Riff 2

Chord diagramG+G --3h4--0--3h4--0--4/5--4--0---3h4--0--4/5--4--0---

Intro: Riff 1

Verse:  (Keep playing Riff 1)

I used to hide my camels in ...

Here today, gone ...

(Now a second guitar comes in, repeating Riff 2, while the first
 guitar keeps chugging away on Riff 1).

One night in the ....(Riff 2)
So I flew to ...(Riff 2)
Chord diagramA augmentedA pack ...
I'm a bundle ...(Riff 2)
Laughing out loud as ...(Riff 2)
'Cause you know ...

(Repeating chords  Chord diagramG+G  Chord diagramFF  come in here)
Here today, ...

Bridge:  (These chords are improvised, but they sound sort of okay)

35x333  335533  Chord diagramG+G  Chord diagramFF  Chord diagramG+G  Chord diagramFF
35x333  335533  Chord diagramFF  Chord diagramFF  Chord diagramFF  Chord diagramFF  (or instead of Chord diagramFF you can try 113213)

Solo: (I'm not going to bother to transcribe it.  Sorry.)

Play  Chord diagramG+G  Chord diagramFF  repeatedly under the solo.

Verse: (Back to just Riff 1)

Twenty-two miles out of ...
(Riff 2 comes in here)
We'd ride by day and ...
             (chords come in here)
We're making love ....

Here today, gone ....

Chord diagramG+G  355433

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