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Cracker chords for Almond grove

Guitar chords with lyrics

Bm, D, A chord diagramG+G x4 (then these chords for Verse)
D, A, Em, A chord diagramG+G x4 (Chorus)

Say goodbye to miss jenny sleeping on a subway grate
Say goodbye to all the ladies waiting for the tricks to show
Got 100 dollars more than I need to score
Got 100 dollars just enough to get me home

Yeah I m going back home, to the cotton fields
To the almond grove, to the old home stead
See my maw and paw, my big brother jack
He went to Kandahar, but he never come back

Came from Maricopa had no family left
Worked in port of Oakland fell in with the narco sect.
Ended up a junkie living in my brothers car
Don t shed a tear for me home ain t so far.


No he never come back


International blvd ladies don t you weep and moan
I've gone to a better place off these dirty streets
Mister Patel will you send my ashes home
Spread them in the old family almond grove

Chorus X2

Coming to see you now.

Almost there ...

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