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Eric Church guitar tabs for Lotta boot left to fill

Lotta Boot Left To Fill tab

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Lotta Boot Left To Fill tab by Eric Church



Tuning: Drop C chord diagramCC

D chord diagramDD----------------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA----------------------------------------|
F chord diagramFF----------------------------------------|
C chord diagramCC--3/5-0---------------------------------|<--- 2X then
G chord diagramGG----------------5--5--5-8-5--5--5-------|
C chord diagramCC--------3/5-0--0--0--0------0--0--------|

D chord diagramDD---------------------------|
A chord diagramAA---------------------------|
F chord diagramFF---------------------------|
C chord diagramCC--3/5--0-------------------|
G chord diagramGG---------------------------|
C chord diagramCC---------3/5--0------------|

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