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Guitar Tabs Explorer
Childish Gambino tabs for Bonfireclean


  • Capo on 2nd
Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

Difficulty: Novice


A chord diagramBB|-7-----5---2---5-----3---5---7-------8-------2----------3-----5------------|
A chord diagramG+G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramD MajorD|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramA augmentedA|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramE MajorE|-7-----5---2---5-----3---5---7-------8-------2----------3-----5------------|

Just repeat this.
Made by ear

ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Bonfireclean' by Childish Gambino, Donald Glover, a male hip-hop artist from Los Angeles, California, USA. Childish Gambino was born in 1983. Childish Gambino is known for his gritty urban/r&b music.

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