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Christmas In Our Hearts chords by Jose Mari Chan

Guitar chords with lyrics

Probably one of the most famous and loved OPM Christmas songs. Sarap din tugtugin! I've got detailed chords here, as exact as I can hear them! Check nyo sa baba if you want to be sure how to do certain chords.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays sa inyo!

|| Title: Christmas in our Hearts
|| Album: Christmas in our Hearts [1990]

***Chords or parts of chords inside (parentheses) are optional.

INTRO: F--Bb-Bbm-- Dm----

Whenever I see girls and boys
         Gm                A
Selling lanterns on the streets
     Em          A7(b9)
I remember the Child
In the manger as He sleeps
Wherever there are people
        D7/F#             Gm
Giving gifts, exchanging cards
     Gm      Dm
I believe that Christmas
     A7            Dm
Is truly in their hearts

      C7                    F(/C)
Let’s light our Christmas trees
        C7      F(/C)
For a bright tomorrow
       C7             F(/C)
Where nations are at peace
    E7              Am  C7
And all are one in God

       F                  (FM7)
Let’s sing Merry Christmas
And a happy holiday
This season, may we never forget
     Gm      C        F
The love we have for Jesus
         F                    (FM7)
Let Him be the One to guide us
As another new year starts
And may the spirit of Christmas
   Gm     C       F      A-Dm--
Be always in our hearts
In every prayer and every song
        Gm      A
The community unites
      Em         A7(b9)
Celebrating the birth
Of our savior, Jesus Christ
Let love, like that starlight
         D7/F#           Gm
On that first Christmas morn
         Gm          Dm
Lead us back to the manger
         A7                 Dm
Where Christ the Child was born

Refrain 2
     C7            F(/C)
So, come let us rejoice
          C7               F(/C)
Come and sing a Christmas carol
     C7              F(/C)
With one big joyful voice
     E7                   Am  C7
Proclaim the name of the Lord!

[Repeat CHORUS, except the Am to Dm interlude]

Final Chorus
C#       F#
  Let’s sing Merry Christmas
And a happy holiday
This season, may we never forget
     G#m     C#       F#
The love we have for Jesus
Let Him be the One to guide us
As another new year starts
And may the spirit of Christmas
   G#m    C#7     F#   -B/F#-F#-B/F#-F#
Be always in our hearts

***Illustrated CHORDS*** (EADGBe)
x = dead/muted string
0 = open string

Bbm   x13321 (bar)    D7/F#  200212          C#    x46664
Dm    xx0231          C7     x32310          F#    244322
Gm    355333 (bar)    F/C    x33211          B/F#  224442
A7    x02020          Bb/F   113331 (bar)    E7    020100
A7b9  x02323          Fm7    xx3210          E7/G# 420100
                                             E7/B  x20100

~~~Additional note:
Want to make it more exact? The E7 part right before the Chorus, actually progresses with 3 different
bass notes; it’s actually E7/B-E7/G#-E7- (each one count long) Masyado kasi magiging complicated
tingnan kung isulat ko yan sa tab mismo hehe, kaya dito na lang.

++Daryl Kayanan++