James Brown chords and tabs

James Joseph Brown, with records like ’James Brown - 20 All-Time Greatest Hits!’ and ’Payback’, was a singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist. Often mentioned together with The J.B.’s and The Famous Flames, RB and funk are keywords to describe the music.

James Brown guitar chords and tabs for ’Thats life’, ’Boss’ and many other classics. As seen in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum.

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Boss (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Don't be a dropout (Bass)Bass tabs
Get up I feel like a sex machine (Tabs)Guitar tabs
I feel good (Bass)Bass tabs
I feel good (Chords)Guitar chords
Its a mans mans mans world (Chords)Guitar chords
Jesse rya tell them I just don't know (Chords)Guitar chords
Living in America (Chords)Guitar chords
Night train (Bass)Bass tabs
Night train (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Old landmark (Bass)Bass tabs
Out of sight (Chords)Guitar chords
Papa don't take no mess (Bass)Bass tabs
Papa don't take no mess (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Resurection song (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Sex machine (Bass)Bass tabs
Sex machine part 1 (Bass)Bass tabs
Talkin loud and sayin nothing (Tabs)Guitar tabs
That's life (Chords)Guitar chords
The payback (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Think (Chords)Guitar chords
Think (Tabs)Guitar tabs
This is a mans world (Chords)Guitar chords
Try me (Chords)Guitar chords