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Black Stone Cherry tabs for Fiesta del fuego

Guitar tabs

This is my first tab so any comments would be appreciated.I am unsure of the solo as i am tabbing this by ear


   A chord diagramD#D#|------------------------------------------|
   A chord diagramA#A#|------------------------------------------|
   A chord diagramF#F#|------------------------------------------| X2
   A chord diagramC#C#|------------------------------------------|
   A chord diagramG#G#|------------------------------------------|
   A chord diagramC#C#|0-8-7-0-12h10-0-10h12--0-8-7-0-12h10-0-5h3|

   "I think i'm gonna need a wake-up call..."
   |-----------------5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5--------------------------------| X2

   "Fiesta Del Fuego....."

   |--------| (2nd time around play twice)

    Back To Intro

   After the solo the chorus is played twice then the bridge twice before returning to the intro.

ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Fiesta Del Fuego' by Black Stone Cherry, a hard rock band formed in 2001 from Kent ky, USA. Black Stone Cherry is known for their gritty rock/pop music.

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